How developments in Indonesia Fate of Hollywood film?

It’s almost four months have passed since the MPA to stop import of Hollywood films to Indonesia, the impact to the absence of a Hollywood movie studio output Big Six (which includes Paramount, Walt Disney, 20th Century Fox, Universal, Sony / Columbia and Warner Bros.). It’s almost four months we are also “fast” to watch quality movies in our favorite movies. If you diligently follow my postings on this, I once wrote a story that the Government already has a solution that can benefit many parties, both for the importer, the tax director-general, and of course also for all of us as the end user. However, the news was still no realization until it snaps vacation this summer, where many quality films that present in Hollywood, call it Fast Five, Thor until Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

And of course, we miss the moments where we should be crowded and willing to queue at the cinema to get tickets only premiere films box office or out of the studio theater with a variety of stories and reviews.

Actually, it’s up to the development of problem solving where the hell is this? Here I will give a little summary of some sources, about how the fate of the Hollywood film industry in our country, whether it can return to normal any time soon, or do we have to fast any longer.

Motion Picture Association of America

Maybe this could be one of the bad news that has been circulating during the month ofMay. According to some sources, there are now several major films that have beenappealed, but there’s only one name just a movie importer that has been allowed torun its activities have paid off again for a given tax burden, even though it was past the deadline (for information, deadlines for tax payments the importer is already on 12March.) The name of the importer who has been allowed to carry out this activity is theAmero Mitra Film, a diligent importer to import the movies outside the big six studios,such as from Lionsgate and Screen Gems. What about the MPA? Director General of Taxation said that the two importers who still have the tax arrears are large importers,but they did not say who he meant importers. They also said that the importer holds a huge market in the Hollywood film industry is imported, up to 90%. Well, certainly oneof them MPA



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